Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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Ti-  IilD::j'iiHi.ii..o« U)V1^E'JT  117 CUOPIirfT.
Pyea^ong Chosen, jjftroh Ibt. 1919

This has been a memorable da,/-  '-   '-■   '                          i&-<v>uiitrx*

Yi ""lai    ang,   fonaer JEmperor of K-Oi-ku,   ^'-j.;^;,bu » •uj   rcvcntly and day~^,^
after tomorrow has beea sot as tho day for the funeral,    lie  la to be
buried at state expense ar"   ^           '-ce of the Japanese Ennlre.

The oereraoniea are to be occorai.;;^ 1.0 the Shinto  ritee; unc  ic  is
reported  that the Koreans are very much offended d'                      '0.7 "ant

the funeral to be conducted according to their own uat .c.,      -  i  r _:-
ies.    Various nuaors are therefore afloat as to what  is  jOing to hap¬
pen at Seoul at the tiue of the i'unoral.

A few da^s ago it wat annouacod that uemorial berVcee v'-i^ld be
held in this city in .ismory of the late emperor.    Oc                       u to

be held in the coapound of the r^eungduk (Christian                           ;,

aaothfcr Eweting at the compound of the "".ethouict C'^i"-jh   -.^ !       Jiird
one at  the headquarters of the Chundo L'yo.    Tht.

re}.igiou&,  half political organization liiioh is widely s^.r^cd  chiuugh-
crut  the country.

There has been considerable auppreseed excitement for fjvne
days ai'jong the L-oreana and we havd had various riMorfa thr."-,  . - 'T^-hing
important was ;30ing to take place at that time.    " r. n.,     r    0    cad
myself decided to attend the mooting anc"  see for oi^'rEel-'^'S '.r.i.„
was going on.    .Vr. !■".  of AA.  nlso cone later an;; ctooG  in   fi • hack
of the yard.    *'e fovji;!  the rorrtyirc'  full of people,  ve ect-:';acod
the ci'ovrd at about  three thovs:int".    Vio nere  cho"'n uoutij "oil
forTTarO  but to one sice.    The pupils froa all our church schools
vrfcro thoro and ulso uany fro... the ^ovorn^^ent bchoolb.

In front of tho eutranoo was erected a e^joakori^ bt-'^id and
arotiud and back of this wore seated seT&ral of uho  o.'.stori and of
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