Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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in petitioning for quiet.fienoo ho aa.kvid that all tho mon sign a paper stat¬
ing tho following points:-

{■a)That tha Independence Proclamation had been prepared by ignorant
low-down iCoreans and that it did not express tho sentiment of the people
as a whole.

{b)That if £oToa  le not joined to Japan,it cannot get alogag suooss-

{o)That if the disturbances continue and tha soldiers and polioe are
further annoyed,the people must suffer and cannot endure it.

(d)Th8t tho disturbance will affect business very unfavorably and
that it is hoped that peace and order can be restored and maintained.

Bvery man refused to sign,whereupon the Profoot said,"Since you re¬
fuse to sign,there oan bo no other reason than that you approve of the Inde¬
pendence Proclamation. "One man replied-."What ground ia there for suoh e s
Btatament?Our rafueal to sign oannot be charged to that aooount."Another
man replied"Perhap8 we may have to die for refusing to sign,but aven so wo

On the following tay the Japanese offisers of the Huainess Men s Assn.
(probably Chamber of Commerce) invited seven or eight of the Korean members
in for a special conference.They did not all respond but four men did.One
was a Christian and three were non-Christians.The meeting waa held at the
Business lien's Asa'n rooms on Thursday, Mar oh 6th from 1-4?.M.Those present

The President and Vice President.

?ivo or six Japanese nowspapor reporters.

Two Japanese interpreters.

Four Korean business men.

The same propositions were made to theae men ae by the Prefect on tho
previous day,but specially from the business man's point of view.But again
they 6ll refused.Every argument was used to influence them but without a-

3.It is reported that men are travelling now through the oountry sel¬
ling a two-volume book on the subject of the Government in Chosen.The books
are said to sell for "Xen 3.00 ordinarily but they are now offered for 30
sen.Sales are almost forcible,and every one who buys must sign a statement
whioh sevs that the Governisont of Korea (alsuits tne needs of the people,
(b)the people like it,and (olthore is no nesd for a change.A oopy of this
book has not yot been secured.


The following Church buildings and furnishings have been reported
wrecked to date:

Chinnampo Methidist and Presbyterian ChurchesfS).

Kyomipo   Presbyteriah Church.

Pansyok       "       "

liohon        "       "

Hamsanmoru     n  .     n

Tateiryung     r       n

At Pansyok the haystacks of certain Christians were burned by the sol
diars.Also the clothe* of ono of the Christian women.Bibles were taken from
the Church along with all the reoords and all deliberately burned and de¬

For days past people in the oity found carrying Bibles havo been stop
ped and the Jibles takon from thom and torn up by the soldiers and polioe
on the spot. At Tai-pyung-dong Pastor Kim Eiohai's books were all takon and
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