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which were manifold. Moss was an unbelievable success. He was the most successful man in the theater. He settled the actors‘strike all by himself. He was the most powerful man, when he died, in the theater because everybody loved him. He was a brilliant writer. He was quite a good actor. And everybody loved him. But he would go into depressions that were deep black. He could feel them coming. There was nothing that he could do about them. In these depressions, he was suicidal; and Phyllis was wonder ful with him. When he was at his worst, he would come over here to Phyllis to be comforted.

Then came the great Faulkner episode. I don't know if I described his arrival in New York. Did I? When he got off the plane and Phyllis said, “Look at that hole in your sock.” Well, from then on, Miss Phyllis and Bill were intimates. When Bill came to New York, “Miss Phyllis” always got a bunch of flowers from Mr. Faulkner.


This is a big asset.


Oh, enormous.


I mean, I think a wife is probably more important in the publishing field than a lot of fields.


And Robert Sherwood and Madeline... Madeline today is one of Phyllis‘closest friends. So is Kitty Hart. These people became our absolute intimates. One by one I found some

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