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old friends of mine becoming better friends, while other ones that Phyllis didn't like--as is true in most marriages--just gradually vanished from the scene. I wasn't even aware of it. We didn't see them anymore. They were out, particularly girls that I had liked at one time or another. Phyllis could smell them out by instinct. Or when I met some new girl that I liked... Phyllis has eyes in the back of her head. I can flirt with a girl in Omaha. Phyllis knows it here in New York.


You started talking about the juveniles and how, once you began having your own children, you became more interested.


Now I'm jumping to the day when Chris was nine and Jonathan was four. We began looking for places to get the kids away for the summertime. We were up for the first time at a place near Provincetown on Cape Cod--between Provincetown and the next town, Barnstable, in a house on the bayside. I was sitting on the sand one day with Chris. Jon was playing somewhere around. I said, “Chris, do you realize that this was Where the Pilgrims landed, right where you're looking now?” Chris, who was like all smart-aleck little kids, said, “You're wrong, Dad. They landed at Plymouth Rock across the bay.” I said, “They did not land at Plymouth Rock. They landed right here at Provincetown and they were here for about two weeks. They found that they couldn't live on this sand strip since they couldn't raise any crops, so then they got back in their boats and sailed across Massachusetts Bay and that's when

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