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this. I was going to get the most important authors in the country.

When I came back, our Louise Bonino was a little dubious. “In the first place, you won't be able to get these people to write these books for children. Second of all, I don't know whether there'll be enough demand for a whole book about the Pilgrims or, say, a whole book about the first transcontinental railroad.” Anyway, those first ten titles were the ones I wanted for the send-off of the series.

I went from one author to another and every one of them jumped at the chance. They thought it was a great idea. The keystone of the whole thing was a wonderful woman named Dorothy Canfield Fisher.


I know her.


She was a great woman.


Oh, boy, was she.


My partner Bob Haas's place up in Vermont was right next to the Fisher home. They were great personal friends. I wanted a book by Dorothy Canfield Fisher desperately. Bob Haas said, “She's such a busy woman. I won't allow you to disturb her.”


He was protecting her?

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