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In other words, it was a joint effort all around.


Yes. We had a small list then; and, in those days, I knew everything that was going on. So did Donald. We knew our business. We knew every book we were publishing. In fact, we sold them. Don took care of production. I did the advertising and publicity.

Then we tied up with Aron Sussman for advertising and have been with them ever since. It was then Spier and Sussman. Now its Sussman and Sugar. They are very big publishing advertising people. They were invaluable to us.

I wrote the jacket blurbs, too! That was the time when you could be a publisher and really do the publishing! Those were the fun days.


When Haas came in, he was made vice-president?


He was made vice-president. Now Random House became a troika, a triumvirate. The three of us made some rules about how we were going to divide things up. It never worked that way. We all did everything.

I never learned about the manufacturing end of the business. I still don't know anything about manufacturing of books.

Haas was supposed to take care of the office personnel. Bob was a wonderful man. He was like a general though. He had won the Distinguished Service Medal in

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