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to?" He said, “You are a fool. You bring out this beautiful two-volume St. Thomas Aquinas and we are just sitting down saying 'How can we help these fellows with this edition?' when what do I hear, three weeks after publication, you're out of print!" So I explained to him how I had not calculated properly. I didn't count on the orders coming in from Jesuit schools all over the country. He repeated, “You're a fool. I'll be right up to see you,” and hung up.

I went into our sales department and said, “This monsignor can be coming up from St. Patrick's for only one reason. He is going to give us some paper!

Well, in he came. There was a big movie star at that time named Thomas Meighan, and this fellow was his double-- tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed, handsome, compelling personality, hard to resist. He marched in and he sat right down at my desk and lit a big cigar and began bawling me out. But I could see that it was all just an act. It was obvious that he understood the whole story. I waited patiently and sure enough the time came when he said, “It just so happens that we have some paper down at the Cathedral. If we give it to you, how do I know that you're going to use it for St. Thomas Aquinas?" So I did a little acting of my own and got very indignant and said, “I hope you're not accusing me of dishonesty. If you did happen to find some paper and gave it to us, we'd give you a printer's affidavit.” He said, “I was only joking. Of course I know that you'll use it for Aquinas.” He said, “We have enough for you for

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