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about another 5,000 sets.” Well, that was good news.


Did you buy the paper from him?


Oh, sure. They didn't give it to us.


Well, you said “give” and you meant buy it.


It was at a very low price. They sold it to us for exactly what it cost them--and getting the extra paper at any price was a miracle in those days.

I said, “That's wonderful, Monsignor.” He said, “Well, now are you happy?" I said, “No, I'm not.” He said, “What else is bothering you?" I said, “As a matter of fact, we've just gotten notice that we've got to get out of here.” This was 20 East Fifty-seventh Street. “IBM has bought the whole building. We all knew that we were living on a day-to- day basis because we couldn't get new leases. We ran month-to-month. We knew that somebody was going to buy the building. We didn't know it was IBM.” Well, they had bought it and everybody had to clear out. They were doing war work so they had the right to do this. I said, “We can't find any space.” At that time, space was as unavailable in New York as paper. You couldn't get any. I said, “I've been looking at warehouses over in Gowanus!... any place to go until the War's over. Next time you come up to tell me I'm the worst publisher in the United States,

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