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The Fahnstocks bought the north wing. The two center wings were bought by families named Hubbard and Warburton.

As the years went by, the Fahnstock family dwindled down to just Mr. Fahnstock and his son. The rest of the family had passed away. When the War started, here were these two men living in this great big mansion with about twenty servants. Then servants began disappearing because of war stresses. It's gotten worse ever since of course. It became ridiculous for these two men to live in that big barn! In fact, they couldn't. So they sold out to Joe Kennedy. Joe Kennedy then let the Free French use it as office headquarters. They were there when this whole episode took place.

As it turned out that the whole building cost us somewhere around $450,000, which was very little for that beautiful building even at that time. I've forgotten the exact figure. I can still remember walking in with the Monsignor and the Free French glaring at us. They knew something was up. They were packed in there like sardines. We bought the building. The Free French had to get out.


Joe Kennedy did sell it to you.


The Church people made him.

So, in we moved. The first thing that happened was, the Fire Department, learning that we planned using it for business headquarters, said that we needed an extra stairway,

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