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which indeed we did. This meant breaking through very thick walls. This building was built in the days when they built buildings to last, and breaking through these walls and putting in an extra stairway was a major undertaking. Steel was just as hard to get then as paper. I called up the Monsignor and we got our steel. We got the people to put in the stairway and the Church helped us. The Church helped us get a mortgage and in we moved. So St. Thomas Aquinas is my patron saint. And we've been there at 457 Madison ever since.


Now, when did the Church take over the other parts?


One by one. First they got the Reid house and then they got the Warburton house. They got the Hubbard house last. As a result, they would now like to buy our wing-- and thus own the entire parcel.


That was what I was wondering.


Well, the courtyard we own jointly with the Church. We own thirty-five per cent and the Church owns sixty-five per cent. Nobody knows which thirty-five per cent we own. It's all in common. So we're in partnership with the Church on that courtyard, and neither of us can do anything without the other.

But the two people that held out for that building

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