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much as a man because he was so reactionary.

We had a couple of minor tangles with him. The Catholic Gravediggers went out on strike once and picketed St. Patrick's and the Archbishopric and began marching up and down in front of Random House. I called up the Cardinal and said, “Will you please ask your gravediggers not to picket Random House?" He said, “Cheer up! It won't last very long.” He knew. The next day the Church gave into the pickets. The Catholic Gravediggers really had been underpaid.

One other amusing confrontation! We shared the courtyard, supposedly for our own use, but strangers galore would park in there. They would see a place to park their cars--and promptly drive in. It was impossible to keep the yard clear. One day the Cardinal's car was buried way at the back of the courtyard and he couldn't get out because these other cars were blocking it. One of the cars for instance stayed there all summer. A fellow had dreamed up a very clever device. He opened a Bible on the front seat and departed for parts unknown. When we caught him, I was so amused that I let him keep his car there the rest of the year. But the day the Cardinal was pinned in the back, he summoned me, and said, “We'll have to do something about this! Let's put a chain up and then only ones with keys can get in. We've measured the yard. There's room for exactly ten cars.” I said, “I think that's a good idea.” He said, “I suggest that we take seven places and Random

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