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Everybody was afraid of him. He followed Anthony Comstock. Reichenbach said to Sumner, “There's a filthy picture in a window up on Broadway; and when I went by, a group of school children were standing by making dirty remarks.” Well, Sumner grabbed his hat and coat in a frenzy and they went running up to this store.

When the kids saw him coming, they obediently went into their act. Sumner had the picture seized forthwith. The story got onto the front pages of the papers, and “September Morn” swept the country. They sold millions of copies of it!

Another little note that I have here from going through our catalogue. In November, 1938, we published Man's Hope by Andre Malraux. Man's Fate had been published by Smith and Haas. We inherited Malraux, who was then a rather obscure young Frenchman; but Man's Fate was a big success. When Man's Hope came out, it was about the Civil War in Spain. I think I told you that I met him when I was over in Spain.




His new book has been sold for some unbelievable advance.

We couldn't bid. I think that Doubleday paid him $350,000 for a book on which they'll probably lose a bundle!

They seem to figure that Malraux will put them into

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