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And no understanding really of what you meant.


No. She did, but that was all that she could dredge up at the moment. It was what a nice, easy life she led compared with Elizabeth Taylor, for example!

But, at any rate, we finally had to pad out the book, by putting in reviews of her plays by Alexander Woollcott and Heywood Broun. If you look at any old copy of I Wanted to Be an Actress by Katherine Cornell, half of it is reviews we put in just to make the book long enough to merchandize!

But the Helen Hayes story was more a story of her young girlhood. It was written by her mother, Mary Brown.

Then we did another book at that same time by Morrie Warner, the author of Barnum, about Lillian Russell. Now that book was of course by a master biographer. Of course it had more amusing episodes in it than the two other books put together, but two of them were genuine and the Lillian Russell was souped up.

One other story that I have for this period.... When the World's Fair was projected for New York in 1939, the great star attraction of that fair was the General Motors Motorama. It was designed by Norman Bel Geddes, and we signed him up for a book called Magic Motorways. I cite this as another hazard of publishing. It was supposed to be out in time for the fair in 1939. We got it out just in time for the closing of the second year of the fair in 1940. We could not get the book from Geddes. Finally it did come

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