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in, and we published it because we had given him a big advance and had paid a lot of money for pictures and maps. But of course it didn't sell very well because, by the time that we brought it out, it was not only the end of the first year--it was the end of the second year. By that time, World War II had started.


That shows you.


It was while we were working with Geddes, that another fascinating personality popped up in my life. His little daughter used to sit around with us, listening to her father. She was Barbara Bel Geddes, destined to become a big star. She is, as a matter of fact, featured in Albee's play now.

Geddes--one of the tricks that he played while I was his friend--he was a devil. He had a failure once and came to a party a few nights after the play had opened and closed, dressed as an undertaker with all the reviews pinned to his buttonhole. He was being a good sport!


What a great way!


But he did a terrible thing. He assembled at a dinner party some of his most important friends--people like Bernard Baruch and Albert Lasker and the Mayor and Vanderbilts and whatnot. He knew everybody. He told all these big shots that he was making a private movie and he wanted them

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