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The first book that we published by him was called Siege, I remember.

But besides being a well-known author and a very popular one, Sam Adams was a crusading journalist and became famous in New York for exposing crooked advertising. The New York Herald Tribune ran a whole series by him on this subject. By crooked advertising, I don't mean the little punks. I mean the big fellows. For instance, he made the Goodyear Rubber Company change a whole series of ads. They were claiming things for their raincoats or their tires or something that was not justified. Then he went after Gimbel Brothers, who were doing some very tricky advertising at that time, and made them change. I think that they had to fire their advertising manager. But they got very angry at him and, to get square, said that they wouldn't sell any more of his books. Some jackass made that rule. So when Siege was published they wouldn't stock it, but they were selling Flaming Youth and buying it 500 at a time. They didn't know that both books were by Sam Adams! For Flaming Youth, you remember, he called himself Warner Fabian. Of course, that amused him highly.


You say that he was a crusader. Did he follow this in other activities? Were you aware when you knew him that he had this spirit?

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