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The New Yorker, he said, “Don't tell me about your friends. I know that you've got a lot of friends who love you. Tell me about a few of your enemies.” I said, “I can give you all of my enemies wrapped into one. If you want to hear anything bad about me, you just go to see Leonard Lyons and he will tell you all of the bad things. He has collected everything about me that is possibly bad.”


Well, they didn't find too much.

Now let's get to WPIX “Books are Bullets,” your first radio program, I believe.


Yes, that's what started my radio career, such as it is. It was during World War Two. When the War started, I was much too old to go into active service. Donald, as I told you, went to the Air Force, and I kept the home fires burning at Random House. I was dying to do something. Finally I hooked up with the Treasury Department on bond drives. We discovered then, which I had asserted but didn't quite believe myself, that famous authors could sell bonds just as well as movie stars. I said, “To some people a famous author will be as big a drawing card, especially when they have to talk, as some beautiful little blond with a beautiful ass. The others are much more fun to look at but not to listen to. We conceived the idea of sending out a group of authors who would appear together and all talk for a while. They couldn't sell bonds. They are no good at that. But you

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