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in a Lifetime. It opened in Philadelphia and I happened to be down there selling books. I called up George and said, “I see you've got a new show down here. I'd like to come.” George said, “I don't want you to come because the first two acts are right now, but we've got to really fix up the third act. What do you want to see it now for? Wait until we get it fixed up.” I said, “I long to see it now. I've nothing to do tonight--and I'm in Philadelphia!" He said, “All right. We'll go out and have a bite later on. I'll bring young Moss around. You'll like him. He's a terribly likeable young man.”

So I saw Once in a Lifetime; and I remember George coming out at the end of the second act and saying, “Why don't you leave now?" But it was obviously going to be a screamingly funny play. After the show was over, the three of us went to a restaurant in Philadelphia, something like Reuben's. I think that it's called Walter's. It's on Broad Street. That's where I met Moss Hart and fell in love with him on the spot--and for good!

They did fix the first act. When they got to New York. Moss and his family were still living in a miserable little flat--this time back in Brooklyn. After the dress rehearsal was over, very late at night, Sam Harris, the producer, walked with Moss down to Broadway and said, “Come on, kid, I'll drive you home.” Moss said, “Oh, sure you will. I live deep in the heart of Brooklyn. I'll have to take the subway. It will take me about an hour to get home.” Harris

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