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said, “You've got to be back here tomorrow early. For god's sake don't go home,” and he reached in his pocket and put a bill in Moss‘hand. He said, “Here. Take a room at the Astor, right across the street, and live it up and I'll see you tomorrow morning.”

It was a $100 bill! Well, this was the beginning of the glory days for Mr. Moss Hart. He promptly went to the Astor Hotel, got himself the best suite in the hotel, had room service, a manicure, a haircut, his feet fixed all at the same time; and spent the whole hundred dollars. He virtually didn't have another nickel in the world. He spent the whole $100 bill being an elegant young man.

The play opened the next night and was a smash.


Did you see it?


Oh, yes.

It was a smash. The audience screamed with joy. It was a great show, and Moss became famous overnight. After the opening, when it was obvious that this show was going to be an enormous hit, he took a taxicab way over to Brooklyn, collected his mother and his father and his brother, Bernie, and said, “We're through with this life. Come on downstairs into the car.” He wouldn't even let them take one piece of furniture or one piece of clothing with them. He said, “This is finished.” They left the entire place--the flat with the furniture and all of their belongings--and off they drove to

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