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Oh, Moss, Alan, and Fritz worked together so perfectly on My Fair Lady! That was why Camelot was considered such a cinch. Everybody wanted to be in on that one. Indeed it ran over a year. But it didn't have the story that My Fair Lady did.

Launcelot has always been a bore to me. King Arthur and Guenevere are a wonderful story, but this prig Launcelot comes along! The perfect man, the man who has all of the virtues, is usually a pain in the ass.


Did you ever invest any money in the plays?


No. I had seen Horace Liveright go broke backing shows, and when Donald and I started, we made an absolute rule that we would never put a penny into a show. In some cases this has been very costly, but on the whole I think that anybody who invests in somebody else's business is a sucker. Angels are pathetic to me. In the old days, the only reason that they put money in a show was that they hoped to get the chorus girls. That made some sense at least. They got something for their money. Today they are not even allowed to go to rehearsals. Producers take their money, and that's the end. We could have been in on all the Rodgers and Hart, and Rodgers and Hammerstein smash hits! We saw the Oklahoma rehearsal when the Guild needed additional financing. Sidney Kingsley invited us to a run-through of Dead End when he needed money, but we had our rule and we stuck to it. By and large, it's saved us a fortune.

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