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painting, for heaven's sake. I want it myself. I'm going to bid for it.” I said, “Mr. President, this painting is going to bring quite a lot of money.” He said, “Oh, nonsense. I'll bid $200. That will really be my contribution to the Urban League.” I said, “We'll put in your bid.” President Ike's contribution sold for $3,500 at the auction;


You had one. When did you find time to paint this?


Up at Provincetown. It's a picture of a lighthouse. If you were very clever you might recognize that it's a lighthouse.


Was this the first time that you ever painted or had you dabbled?


This was the first time I had painted. It looked like a fountain pen when I had finished--you know, sticking up.

A great many people bought their own paintings. It was all for charity. When mine came up for sale, I began bidding on it. One person began bidding against me. I didn't know who it was. It got up to $500, which is what I expected to give to this charity. This person bid $510 and I let him have it. I can't remember who it was, but he was outraged. He was just bidding me up, expecting that I would end up outbidding him, but he ended up with the great

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