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Do you know who you were replacing?



I went down Sunday night. Mark Goodson told me who was on. I had never met John Daly. I had heard of him because he was the head of the news bureau of ABC at that time. Dorothy Kilgallen--I had read her rather disgusting column for quite a long time, but I had never met her before. I did know Arlene Francis. I had met her at a couple of parties and liked her. The anchor man was Hal Block. I had never met him either. He was the least known of the people. The other regular had been Louis Untermeyer, the poetanthologist. Louis Untermeyer was away on a lecture, bless his soul, this Sunday night.

So down I sat and played “What's My Line?" Of course there was nothing to it. You tried to guess what people did and then sought the identity of a mystery guest. With a mask over your eyes. If you didn't get it, nobody was much the wiser because it was a team effort and not an individual one. Most of the time somebody would get it. The participants themselves were quite aware of what the score was. The only person who took it very seriously was Dorothy Kilgallen. I'll come to that later, but I'm talking about my first appearance. I was lucky this first time, and handled myself rather well for somebody who had never been on the show before.

There was a big party later that night, hosted by

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