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that it paid them to start running their own Sunday magazine sections.

At that time, however, This Week was very big. Phyllis wasn't too sure that she wanted me to do another weekly stint. She said, “You're doing too many things now-- television and “Trade Winds” and book publishing and lecturing.” Life was proliferating. But I couldn't resist this new challenge, so I began doing “Cerfboard”--and kept doing it for over ten years.

Of course with that enormous circulation, This Week provided another healthy source of income. My income was just scaring. Money was coming in from all directions.


Did you stop “Trade Winds” when you began “Cerfboard?”


No. For quite a while I did both, but that meant that every weekend I had two columns on my neck. I'd get ahead of myself two or three weeks, but that didn't seem to last very long and there seemed always another deadline to meet.

Besides that, I was doing a daily column feature. When Try and Stop Me came out in book form, it was bought by King Features for serialization. When it was finished, they had several hundred papers signed up and they said, “Let's go on with the column.” So I had to supply them with two or three new jokes every day and I'm still doing that. I send them about ninety stories the first of every

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