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Lydia Vorhees met us. She had been on the Digest for years. Ralph said, “you're going to love her.” Indeed we did. Her husband is in the United States embassy there. It was Lydia who took us on that wonderful trip in Thailand on the clongs (canals) and took care of us for the whole three days that we were there. She helped my wife and Mrs. Deutsch buy out Thailand. We had previously bought out Hong Kong, but the two girls found about 18,000 more things in Thailand. Lydia was just invaluable to us.

So the Digest connections made our trip infinitely more pleasant than it would otherwise have been. In Hong Kong besides the Thompsons, the girl who seemed to be running things took us to a big party on a junk out in the harbor. It was one of our most exciting evenings in Hong Kong. She turned out to be a girl I had met very many years before. She was a daughter of Lin YuTang.


That's somebody that I still want to hear about. Did you know him at all?


Oh, yes. We did a book of his.


I think he's a fascinating man myself. Did you ever meet him?


Of course. We got to know him and his wife. I thought that Lin YuTang was more a businessman than anything

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