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Interview #18
Interviewee: Bennett Cerf
Interviewer: Robbin Hawkins
New York City
February 1, 1968


The first “What's My Line?" was October 15?


That's when I went down and filled in for Louis Untermeyer, October 15, 1950. I thought that I was just the guest for once, but then I became a regular on March 18, 1951. The mystery guest that night was Senator Kefauver. After it was over, we couldn't get him off the stage. You could see that he was running for office. Then he became Vice-Presidential nominee. That was when I discovered what fun we were going to have because we did have many prominent political figures...


Oh, everyone. I've gone through the scrapbook, noticing the pictures of the people.


1951 was also the year when we became rather close friends with Gardner Cowles and have been ever since. At that time, he was married to Fleur Cowles, whom he has since divorced. He's now married to Jan Cowles. Fleur was the girl who started Flair magazine. Things used to fall out of it. George Kaufman used to say, “I had a story in Flair last month, but it fell out.”

Now, Jan Cowles and Phyllis Cerf and Mary Hayes--you

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