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know, Peter Hayes‘wife, Mary Healy--all have their birthdays on the same day. Each year we have a big party for the three girls. We alternate as hosts. Once it's up at our house, once it's up in the country at Peter Hayes‘and this year it's Jan's turn and we're all going down to Florida. They have a beautiful house down in Miami.

Another thing that I put down... October 3, 1951 was quite an important day in sports history. That's the day that Bobby Thompson hit the home-run that won the pennant for the Giants over the Dodgers in a whirlwind play-off. When he made this home-run it changed a sure defeat into victory in the eighth inning. You could tell that everybody in New York was watching that game on television or listening to it on the radio because when he made that home-run a scream went up all over Madison Avenue.

That was the year, of course, when both the American League and the National League had great pennant races. I remember a funny thing that happened. We were watching one of the games on television and listening to the other one on the radio. The two New York teams both won the pennant. Ah! those were the days. In the middle of it, Rose Oller, who was the book buyer for Marshall Field, came walking in, just as in a previous time, another imprudent book buyer had interrupted us when we were tossing cards into a hat. By now we were getting much bigger, you see. She walked into our office unannounced. We were very good friends. Here we were, screaming and yelling, watching one ball game on television

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