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I'll finish. After dinner that night in Springfield, Adlai took me into his office and said, “I'm going crazy with the offers that I'm receiving. Every publisher in America, every magazine in the world wants me to do pieces.” He also was offered all kinds of jobs from big industrial concerns... you know, those phony presidencies that they give to retired generals and defeated political celebrities. He said, “Just let me show you the letters that I've gotten. I haven't even started to answer them yet.” The personal letters were being answered by his secretaries. He got thousands of letters from heartbroken people after he lost.

I remember that I myself cried when he lost. That's how concerned I was about this election. When you think of what's going on this year and how lack-luster the candidates are...except Governor Rockefeller... If he's nominated, I'm going to work for him. If not, I'm going to take a very distant view of this coming election. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. You have to work against Nixon.


You were in Stevenson's office...


He said that he'd show me the letters, not the personal letters but all of the offers that he had received. Neatly piled up on his desk, there must have been three hundred letters from everybody under the sun, wanting him to do some- thing...offering him all kinds of money. Adlai murmured, “I guess I had better throw these away. It's conceited just to

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