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it ran up after we bought it and then it ran way down. Last fall it made a new high for all time, and now it's way down again with the whole market. The funny part is that it's now just a little bit above what we got when we traded in a year and a half ago, and I presume that it's going to go lower because, in the coming year, television prices have gotten so high that the networks are having trouble selling time. Cigarette and automobile companies are pulling back. They're having trouble selling that space that was so easy to sell previously. At the same time, the public is saving money because they're worried to death about Vietnam and they're not buying these big color sets as much. There have been lots of strikes and labor troubles and inflation goes on unchecked. So RCA will probably be lucky to make as much this year as they made last year. That's not what the funds want today. It's a growth stock still, but it isn't going to grow this year. It will be damned lucky to hold its own. That goes for a lot of the big gilt-edge companies. So the next year or so the stock probably will drift down further, but what the hell. RCA is like having cash in the bank. I'm not worried about it. I just like to watch it.

Also, I told you that I've got these stocks in my Las Vegas account. They bounce around like crazy.


There you have your fun.


There I have my fun, at least, when they're going up!

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