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isn't my responsibility anymore. I can grumble when it goes down and rejoice when it goes up, but it's not my responsibility. Of course, the deal made not only Donald and me wealthy, but we saw that most of the big people in our place all got a share.

One of the reasons that we've just been able to get a trio of the most important people from Simon and Schuster was that Boss Shimkin there ignored them when he made a big stock deal for himself and didn't think of anybody else. This was fatally short-sighted on his part and typical, I may say. That's why this unique trio was ripe for plucking. We didn't raid them. They were leaving Simon and Schuster, anyway. They knew that they weren't going to get anywhere there.

Today salaries don't mean much to people because they all go in taxes. Everybody wants capital gains. That's the only way you can build up a respectable private reserve today. We saw to it that a lot of our people got RCA stock, and options.

Of course when we made the RCA deal, Donald and I found ourselves with more money than we ever dreamed we'd have. I don't know what good it really is. I was getting everything that I wanted, anyway, but it's nice to have this additional reserve. It adds worry, but it's nice to have!


I love that “adds worry” because it does. You run up- stairs--I think it's interesting--at 10:30 to see how the stock market is going.


Yes. I like to see what RCA has opened at. Of course

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