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I don't remember. It was a very mild time. Except right at the beginning of my career at college we got into the war. We got into the war in 1917. This played a big part in our lives. At that time there was something comparable to the ROTC; it was called the SATC, the Student Army Training Corps. We all became members of that and got uniforms. One of my first exploits in that was the day I was commander of the company, and I had them in company rank marching across South Field, which is now all covered with buildings. But as they were walking toward the grandstand, I panicked and I couldn't think of how to stop them. So to their intense delight they went marching up to the grandstand, the whole company, while the real officers screamed with laughter. I was not cut out for an army career. But anyway I made a good story of all this.

What became important was that our dean had a son with a club foot, but I wangled him a job as supply sergeant in the SATC. He had a uniform, and he gave out the blankets and the uniforms and such--and was happy! The dean was very grateful to me.

Then came the call for officers‘training school, and I got into the infantry officers‘training school down in Camp Lee, Virginia, bucking for Second Lieutenant.

I was the night editor of the Spectator shortly thereafter when the rule came through that anybody who was going away to the war would get credit for all the courses he had signed up for before he went away.

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