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Even though he didn't have them.


He didn't have to take them. This was the beginning of October. So I had this notice the day before it went to the paper. I rushed over to sign up for all the courses I could. And I came to the dean for an okay of all these extra courses I was taking. The dean, whose son I had helped, looked at this. He said, “This is an interesting course you've planned out. I figure it would take about 16 hours of home work a day to really do this course.”

I said, “Really, sir?”

He said, “You haven't by any chance seen the rule that you're going to get credit for everything you've signed up for when you go away to camp?”

I said, “I don't know what you're talking about, Dean.”

He said, “I didn't think so,” and he stamped his approval.

So off I went to war and got credit for advanced geometry, something I could never do, and a couple of other courses where you have to be exact. I was terrible at those things. In history, economics, literature I was great. I'm very good at adding figures, too, but when it comes to algebra or quadratics or geometry, I'm absolutely hopeless. But I got the necessary credits.


Did you graduate then as a result?


No, that was in my sophomore year. I was then at Camp Lee

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