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all afternoon and answer all of the questions that the teachers throw at us.

Now Herbert Mayes has become a director there, and, with his magazine knowledge, is a valuable addition. They are adding Phyllis McGinley and Clifton Fadiman to the faculty. It hasn't been announced yet, but this is because they're getting more and more people that want to write poetry or articles and Phyllis and Kip Fadiman will be very useful.

The school is run very honestly, and the letters that are written to subscribers are a combination of form and personal contribution. There are a great many pieces of advice that apply to any writer so they've got about a hundred carefully worded paragraphs that can intersperce with specific recommendations. You will send in a story if you're a student and one of the teachers there--and they're all high-paid, very good people, who write themselves--will start writing to you and begin, “Dear Mrs. Hawkins.” They will have read your story, and they will write a personal paragraph and then insert possibly, prepared paragraph four, or paragraph eight, or paragraph thirty-one. Then will come another special criticism or suggestions about your story. By the time that they finish, you'll get an eight-page letter on your lesson. The school does an honest job, and its advertising, in my opinion, is as honest as mail order advertising can be. Incidentally, I think all mail order advertising--like most TV commercials-- is guilty of the hard sell. The buyer must keep his eyes open!

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