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There's a funny epilogue to this whole business of my trip to Spain and my refusal to exhibit at the Madrid fair. In college, one of the boys who was there when I was there, although he was a couple of years ahead of me, was the radical of Columbia--named George Sokolsky. Did you ever hear of George Sokolsky?




He was almost kicked out of Columbia because he was a flaming radical. He was also penniless, and used to come to college looking like a ragamuffin. How he managed to afford Columbia, heaven only knows. I took pity on him because he didn't seem to have enough to eat, and several times I would bring him home for lunch or dinner to give him a meal.

My mother was dead. But my father and my uncle, who was living with us, were outraged every time I brought this ragamuffin into the house because he wasn't always washed. You could know he was coming before he entered the room.

Well, Sokolsky, when he got out of college, went over to China; and there he met the National Association of Manufacturers. Suddenly the flaming radical, Sokolsky, became the flaming reactionary, George Sokolsky, and one of the most important columnists in the United States of America. I'm surprised that you never heard of Sokolsky because his column ...the Hearst papers made a great feature out of it. For many, many years, Sokolsky was a very powerful figure in this

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