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Doctors Kenneth Clark and Mamie Clark were interviewed separately in 1976 for the Oral History Research Office by Ed Edwin, a journalist and radio reporter who covered New York and national politics for a variety of media in New York and Washington, D.C. Edwin undertook an additional series of interviews with Kenneth Clark in 1985. He also conducted interviews with Bayard Rustin, Justice Thurgood Marshall, and many New York political figures for the Office. The Collection holds another interview with Kenneth Clark, one of a series of interviews on the War on Poverty donated to the Collection. The education careers of the Clarks, especially Mamie, are richly documented in the more than thirty interviews conducted for a project on the history of the Northside Center for Child Development. In the case of Kenneth Clark's interview, the 11-year time span between interviewing sessions shows some remarkably divergent perspectives.

Interview Excerpt
In 1962, Kenneth Clark and his wife Mamie founded Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited (HARYOU), an initiative to address delinquency among young people in Harlem. Read Clark's discussion of his experiences working with this program.

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