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Interviewee: Kenneth B. Clark
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
Date: May 10, 1985
New York, NY
Session #11


Dr. Clark, as we closed the last interview, you had mentioned your wife's condition, and said that since that time, since her passing, you had had what you referred to as the “Menachem Begin syndrome.”


Not quite as severe, but to some extent.


You said that you wanted to pick up on that--since it was only a one or two sentence reference--in this interview.

[phone rings]


Excuse me.

[tape interruption]

What became very clear to me was that my wife and I were not only collaborators in our research and collaborators in terms of her role as Director of the Northside Center for Child Development, and collaborators in terms of my role in business and social responsibilities, other concerns. But we really--all of these converged, and we had a interdependent relationship. On the surface, it seemed that her responsibilities at Northside and my

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