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Interviewee: Dr. Kenneth B. Clark
Interviewer: By Ed Edwin
New York, New-York
Date: May 29, 1985
Session 12


This is an interview with Dr. Kenneth B. Clark in his office of his company, Clark, Phipps, Clark & Harris, Inc., in Manhattan, New York City on May 29, 1985. This is Interview #3 in his epilogue, and interviewing is Ed Edwin.

Dr. Clark, before we go to your tenure on the New York Board of Regents, I'd like to flesh out one of my questions from the last interview, in which you had asked another question. It was when I had mentioned that during the 1960 Democratic Convention I had called Dr. King [Martin Luther King] to query him about what he was going to say later on, and he said he was going to demand the federalization of the school system. Now I didn't have full recall when I told you that, as to what prompted my query to Dr. King. The query was prompted because he had announced a news conference later that day, but because of my assignment with NBC News, I could not go to the conference. I had to stay with the Ohio delegation. So I called and asked if he would tell us what one of his main points would be. So it was in the context of an announced news conference. You asked me, “Did he do it?” I don't know. I did not see the results of that, but I did tell you, when I filed the story with NBC, the editor rejected it and said it was not an important statement.

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