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between the schools and various adult endeavors in that area, such as business, labor unions, and the like, where students might even spend part-time in business, in a bank, or wherever? If they were interested in labor organizing, they might-- curious, I should say, curious about it-- they might at least be introduced to it.


Yes. There's a tremendous variety of approaches to modernizing American education, that we're not even thinking about, because we're so stuck on this damn stupid race thing. Look at what we did to retail shopping. The neighborhood stores have been totally eliminated in terms of shopping malls, and people don't seem to be disturbed by that. Although I used to think that there was something romantic about the “rner grocery.


But where was I? I was in Binghamton a week or so ago and one of the concerns is that the downtown shopping district is suffering from the popularity of the shopping malls. I was up at Colby College, the community where the college is, it isn't a densely populated area-- Waterville, I think-- but they had their shopping malls. Well, highways and motor cars and what not have made that possible. Even churches. In Westchester there's a Community Unitarian Universalist Church that's clearly not a neighborhood church. There are two or three-tier parking lots.

Well-- and we haven't done that with schools. The only way we've done that with schools is in prep schools. You send them away, like ney're going to camp. I think that's even possible for public

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