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help individuals.


I might say I couldn't understand the Puerto Ricans in the street when they dropped their vowels.

Well, since we're talking about languages-- it obviously gets into the field of literature-- you've been following the controversy over Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain?


Yes, sure. I certainly have.


How do you feel about what Mark Twain wrote and how he wrote it in HUCKLEBERRY FINN?


Well, let me tell you. I'll start out by telling you someone wrote me and called me to get me to join some protest or to get HUCKLEBERRY FINN and TOM SAWYER removed, and I said, absolutely not. I just will not be a party to-- I just don't believe in censorship, and furthermore I certainly would not join that, because I think that Mark Twain was writing about human beings at a time when-- this had to be understood. I think that he was talking about the friendship or relationship between two seemingly disparate groups. And personally I think it made a lot of sense. I enjoyed reading it.

So I just would not join and still will not accept that this was any kind of racist thing.


Would you join with the proponents of Mark Twain, who would say

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