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Interviewee: Kenneth Clark
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
Date: November 7, 1985
New York City


This is an interview with Dr. Kenneth B. Clark in his office in Manhattan, New York City, November 7, 1985. This is epilogue number six. Interviewing is Ed Edwin.

Dr. Clark, there's been an election for city council, a two phase election, as it turned out since we last talked, and your son Hilton now is in the city council. You already mentioned that he was going to run, on tape. What observations would you like to put in to this record of that campaign and your relationship with your son during his campaigning?


Well, I was very proud of his campaign up to the primaries on September 10th, and I supported him in spite of the fact that his mother and I had questions about his interest in politics. But we knew that this was his primary interest and concern, and when he told me that he was going to run for city council I asked, “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Of course, he was sure. He asked for my support and I gladly gave it. I observed that his approach to the whole campaign was one which I was proud of. It wasn't gutter type campaigning. He refused to make an issue of the health of his

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