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suggest, alarming reports in northern Virginia. The discrepancy is--well, here's, Fairfax, that's the county of Fairfax in northern Virginia, black students trail white scores by thirty-six points. The sub-headline is “Minorities Gain Slightly Under the Program.” Apparently there was even a greater disparity before it. This is from the Washington Post, dated September 5, 1985. Would you say that this is essentially another consequence of poverty, or is it more than that, the despair, the frustration?


The continuity of the damages of segregated schools?


Yes, segregated schools, and the deprivation generally.


Yes, that's what I was testifying before a Federal Court in Richmond yesterday. The residues, the vestiges, the continuity of de jure segregation, you can still find in the educational and psychological results in de facto segregation. In Richmond, for example, the schools that were all black before Brown, are all black now. There's been no change. The predominantly, or the previously white schools are increasingly black because of white flight. So, the whole pattern of education is getting to a level of what they were in black schools before the Brown decision. Now, it's interesting that in Virginia there have been no requirements for standards, educational standards in the independent white schools that have been developed to meet the white flight. The state has not required these schools to be integrated either. So, in a sense to say there's been an accessory to a new form of segregated education

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