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any activity such as that in regard to South Africa. We have been more understanding or tolerant, or restrained in our reaction to the cruelties being imposed upon blacks by the South African government than we've been in regard to other nations in which whites are involved. I would like to add another thing that disturbs me. We have not been concerned too much about independent black nations' cruelty toward their people. “Unfortunately, there have been cruel and barbaric acts which government power, government officials have imposed upon these people. What does seem clear to me therefore is that for whatever the reasons cruelties imposed upon blacks and maybe Asians seem to be less disturbing to Europeans and Americans than cruelties imposed upon whites. I don't know that you need to categorize that, or call it anything. It is a fact. Calling it racist does not change it. If anything it might just rigidify[?].


Yes, as a matter of fact, there was a letter to the New York Times, I believe it may have been Tuesday. I think it was authored by a professor. It pointed out the number of African nations that have institutionalized or kept institutionalized some form of discrimination. Even one Arab nation still practices black slavery as he said. In other cases it's the Moslems that are being suppressed, or the Asian Indians.




Or tribes. One black tribe against another black tribe.

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