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Interviewee: Dr. Kenneth B. Clark
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
New York City
Date: February 4, 1976


Dr. Clark, customarily, I suggest that a memoirist briefly outline his early life. In your case, you've got an extensive WHO'S WHO, AND you've written a good deal, much has been written about you. So, I was wondering if we might start with this approach. We would like to know more about your early life, other than what you have written about yourself or what has been accurately published about you. I thought perhaps, weighting your different experiences; even going back to childhood, and your early family life and education -- what influenced you to think one way or another, and eventually even to become a social psychologist?

Dr. Clark:

Fascinating question.

Well, I would start with my earlierst memories, if you don't mind.



Dr. Clark:

I recall, I was born in Panama, Canal Zone, and I have faint memories of my life in Panama. My mother brought me to the United States when Iwas four and a half. So, everything that I remember about Panama has to be younger than that. And among the things I remember are, my mother insisting really that I learn to read. I have every reason to believe that I must have been around three

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