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So then, what grade did you go into on your return?


I never went to fourth grade. I think I went to fifth or sixth. And I'm trying to find out where Miss Maguire was. She was my third grade teacher, before I went to Jamaica. Yes.


Now, you've mentioned the trauma, the traumatic disappointment of not receiving this economics prize. How did your academic interests veer after that, then?


Well, my mother wanted me to -- she kept hinting that she wanted me to be a Protestant Episcopal priest. And it became clear to her, you know -- even to her -- that I was not going to be a Protestant Episcopal priest. And one of the reasons was that I knew too much about them, being an altar boy. And I didn't like them. With a few exceptions.

So we sort of agreed that I would go into medicine. I'd go into college and into medicine. And don't forget, I'm going to college in the depths of the Depression, '31, '35. It never occurred to my mother that she wasn't going to keep me in college. And how the hell she did it, I don't know, but she did it.

So, I went to Howard University with every intention of going to medical school. I took, my first two years I took the prescribed pre-medical courses in chemistry, biology, etc.

At the end of my sophomore year, I -- I was going to say I “made the mistake”, but it was no mistake; it was a turning point in my life -- I took the course in psychology. And I had a man by the name

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