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them, with a hell of a lot of help from people whom I respected, and from accidents, you know, Fate -- just things falling into place, that didn't necessarily have to fall into place, but fortunately did.

I got my master's under Dr. Sumner and Dr. Mimas? in psychology.

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All right, I was saying that things fell into place, during my period at Howard. A number of interesting accidents.

For example, in my senior year, I told you I was editor of the newspaper in my junior year, and got into trouble, you know, with the president and the administration by writing editorials which obviously they wouldn't have written.

Mordecai Johnson, who was president of the university at that time, would have me in his office, I guess about two or three times, reasoning with me, and with sometimes some implicit threats. And I'd leave his office and go back to my office and write another editorial, which he may or may not have called me in about.

In my senior year, -- and obviously by this time I was well known, you know, for various things, and I hope, respected by my colleagues and peers on the campus, and by teachers whom I respected-- I got involved in an incident wherein I got together a number of students, about 20 of us, and we went down to the Capitol Building, where Congress was, you know, and we picketed, because the restaurant in the Congress did not serve Negroes.

It does seem to me stupid, that the Capitol of the United

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