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middle class people that college students should not get married anyway, it wasn't -- wasn't there?


Oh yes. Mamie and I married before we should have. She was a senior and I was at Columbia, and I just got tired, and I guess she did too, you know, because it was clear we were going to get married.

So I just went down one holiday. I said, “Come on, let's get married.”

She said, “OK”, and we eloped. But we had to keep it a secret until she graduated. We got married at Easter time in 1938. It was in April. She wasn't graduating until the end of May, and if they'd known that she was married, these stupid, archaic rules and regulations were that she would have to leave school for a year.

Well, hell, she'd already been elected May Queen, which meant she was virginal. And we didn't want to mess up the May Queen affair. So we kept our marriage secret-- except for my parents.


Your parents did know it.


Not before, but soon after; within a week or two after we married, we told them.


Where did you go?


Virginia. An old friend of mine took us in his car. Fortunately I had enough money to pay for the license. And a minister who came in from his potato fields to marry us.


To go back to your teaching -- had you planned to be a teacher

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