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we needed the money to make up for what she was going to withdraw.

And John didn't hesitate a moment. He said, “All right, I'll talk with the mayor and others, and we'll get some additional tax levy funds.”

I talked to Jim Dumpson, and Jim Dumpson was in Wagner's administration at the time, and Jim got us some extra child care funds. I talked to some of the foundations.

And by the way, Mamie and I, to show you -- if I were to step back, and try to look at Mamie and me as if I were another person, I would say, “These two people are good examples of that maxim, the Lord takes care of fools and babies.”

We acted like children in a way, you know, looking at the daughter of Julius Rosenwald, one of the largest family accumulations of wealth in the nation, I suppose one of the ten wealthiest families in the nation -- any realistic person would think twice -- 15, 20 times before saying no. You know, you have given money, but we have given everything --

And not knowing where the hell we were going to get the money from, until after the fact. But we got it. And the Center has been stronger since that crazy decision on our part, as you'll see -- you're going to go up there?




I don't even remember what that -- what year that was. Probably 15 years ago. But as a matter of fact, here again, I don't

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