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And I think of something that George Bennard Shaw said in MAN AND SUPERMAN, you know -- that violence begets violence. He was talking about the cycle of violence, that when you get right down to it, no basic human issues are ever resolved by violence, and I think you could say the same things in terms of terrorism.

You see-- I am, irritable on this.

I just don't know that it makes very much sense to try to handle terrorism by terrorism.

He asked me what I thought, and I said, “Look, here's what I think. My first reaction was, this is a Pearl Harbor. A strike, a military strike, that occurred under the cover of negotiations. My second reaction is that the Israeli government probably would not have done this, or made this decision, if the hijackers were in a white country, a white-headed country. And my third reaction is, given the first and particularly the second, therefore, it's racist.”

And my friend countered by saying,” Do you not see and accept all the influence that Amin was a co-conspirator?” I said, “I have no evidence of this except what's in the newspapers.”

And it seems to me that the newspapers are clearly one-sided, in America, in their discussion of this, which is clearly a complex issue.

He -- a very intelligent man-- and our other friend, who's a Congregational minister, both white, very intelligent, were accepting uncritically the present explanation or justification

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