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the Board of Regents.

Then, the year after that, I found myself taking on the Metropolitan Applied Research Center. But it is not an accident that I insisted that the officers of MARC, as it came to be known, not be located in Harlem. I did not want to return to the site of my glorious defeat. I really wanted to keep as far away from the Harlem dynamics and politics, which I conceded belonged to the professional politicians, not the do-gooders --

That was sort of a breaking of the promise, because actually, when I got involved in MARC, there were social change issues and fights with Shanker, you know, and what not. Hell.

Oh dear... changes. What I'm having with you is hastening the time when I'm going to write my last book, after I finish this one that's going to be sort of a biographical -- it's not going to be an autobiography, as much as It's going to be a biographical perspective on things as I experienced them. And I have the title. Did I tell you the title? --


You know, right smack in the center of this comedy, will be “Ken Clark, the Clown.” The person who keeps battering his head up against a crazy sort of wall -- walls that, if they tumble, they'll probably tumble on him.


A footnote, follow-up to that comment on yourself-- I believe, if I may go back to Adam Powell once more, in your discussion of him, you didn't use the word “clown..” I think you may have

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