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I don't know whether I called him or he called me, but Mac and I agreed to meet at the Century and have lunch, with no particular a genda item. You know, no problems, nothing. And the morning of our appointment, I went to my drawer, and I took out this note that I'd had about a year-- you know, a long letter -- and I was saying to myself, “OK, maybe this is the day I'll give it to Mac.”

Well, we started talking about this, that and the other. I think it was the beginning of the impeachment discussions, Nixon and stuff, I think so -- it might have been earlier, I don't remember. It might have been then, because I think that we were talking about another mutual acquaintance, John Doar, who was the counsel for the Rodino Committee.

And I went into my pocket, inside, pocket, and I took out this letter, and I said, “Mac, I have something to show you. In fact, you can have it. I don't have a copy. But you've got to make me one promise, that after today we'11 never refer to it again. We'll put it behind us, forever.”

Have we aggeed that we can decide what, if any of this, can be released?


Yes. You will be asked to decide that afterwards, and to a blend, if you want to -- putting a seal on parts.


Well, I'd like to put a seal on this part, at least for the time being, because it does involve two human beings.

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