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not intended to focus on race, as such. But a re-examination of the whole process without regard to race, which did not endear us to the Educational Testing Service that had this wonderful contact.

OK. One of the findings of that study was that there seemed to be no direct relationship between standing on the entering exam, and performance in the field. Even if one took into account the selective factor, you know, that actually you're not dealing with a random sample of appliants, or people that have ambition to go into the Foreign Service. What we had to look at was a highly selected group, who had the ambition, but also passed the exam.

But when we looked at that, we could not see any consistent relationship between performance on the written, and performance on the job, and certainly saw no relationship whatsoever in terms of evaluation and promotional rank.

But it seemed as if the written was almost a whole realm of reality in itself, that was a hurdle that you had to get over in order to get into the performance reality, and you could make no prediction.

I think that finding-- although that's another interesting side thing -- once we finished that report, and gave it over to the.... (off tape)

Side 2 (July 20, 1976, continued)


I was saying, once we finished that report on the Foreign Service recruitment and examination evaluation thing, and

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