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evaluation, but after three and up to five years of field assignments, must then come back and take an oral, to move from FSR to FSO status. And in my initial discussions with the State Department officials responsible for this, they claimed that a disproportionate number of them were failing the transfer oral, in spite of positive field evaluation and promotion, even up to the point that they could be promoted within this program.

But interestingly enough, as I've been pointing out th the staff working with me on this, each discussion, each time we go down to Washington and discuss this project, after we've been working in it, that initial emphasis has shifted, so that now they are telling us-- and we will certainly know by the data that we're looking at now -- that relatively few fail the oral transfer.

Now, I don't know which is true yet. Two people working with me in the office there may have those data now, I think.


Perhaps I should put in this record the personal experience genests of the way I put that question to you. I was in the Foreign Service, as a Foresgn Service staff officer, temporary --


-- I suspect that.


In the days of the High Commission in Germany, and they sent over a panel from Washington of three --


-- doyou remember what year what was?



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